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The Card Project: Efficient Photo ID Card Service
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Elevate Your Identity with The Card Project UK – Tailored Photo ID Cards, Environmentally Conscious

Searching for a straightforward Photo ID Card? You've hit the jackpot with The Card Project UK! Our ID Cards are tailored with an elegant design, personalized with your photograph, your name, and your birth date – the essential ingredients for a basic ID Card.

Our Basic ID cards, mirroring the dimensions of a credit card at 86mm by 54mm (or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches), are single sided The cherry on top? They're composed of biodegradable plastic, rendering your choice an eco-conscious one.

The Card Project UK's Basic ID Card may not be an official identity document, but its undeniably uselful. It's your go-to for age confirmation when shopping for restricted items, or for identity proof during travel or when services demand an ID. Keeping an additional ID like this one is just common sense. Convenient, green, and ever-ready, our cards are your reliable partner. What's not to love about The Card Project UK's Basic ID Card?

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