Early Onset Dementia Mono Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Early Onset Dementia Mono Medical ID Alert Card

Helping You Navigate Early Onset Dementia with Our ID Cards

Dealing with early-onset dementia, a condition diagnosed in individuals as young as 30 and typically before 65, can significantly disrupt life, introducing new challenges and stressors. During such times, having an assistive device like our Early-Onset Dementia Awareness Card can offer a ray of hope.

The card informs others that the holder is living with early-onset dementia and might require help, especially if they appear lost or confused. By alerting bystanders to the holder's condition, the card encourages understanding and help, easing the burden that comes with navigating the complexities of early-onset dementia.

Our Early-Onset Dementia Awareness Card is as practical as it is beneficial. It has the same dimensions as a standard credit card, making it easy to carry in a purse or wallet. In line with our dedication to the environment, these cards are made from biodegradable plastic. They are personalised with the holder's name on the front and two emergency contacts on the back, ensuring that support is just a call away.

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