Early Onset Dementia Photo Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Early Onset Dementia Photo Medical ID Alert Card

Essential Photo ID Cards for Early Onset Dementia Awareness

Early-onset dementia, a form of dementia that can affect individuals under 65 and even as young as 30, transforms the landscape of life, making every day a series of hurdles to navigate. Amid these challenges, tools that can help manage the condition are invaluable. Our Early-Onset Dementia Awareness Card is one such supportive tool.

This card communicates to those around that the holder has early-onset dementia and may require assistance, especially if they seem disoriented or confused. The understanding this card encourages can be pivotal in dealing with the difficulties that early-onset dementia presents, providing the holder with a sense of security and ease.

In designing our Early-Onset Dementia Awareness Card, we considered practicality and sustainability. The card is the size of a regular credit card, fitting comfortably into a purse or wallet. Made from biodegradable plastic, it aligns with eco-friendly principles. Personalisation is key to its functionality - the holder's name and photo is prominently displayed on the front, and two emergency contacts are provided on the back, ensuring a helping hand is never far away.

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