Bright Blue ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Product:  Bright Blue ID Card Holder, Landscape

Bright Blue Landscape Card Holder: The Eco-friendly Choice

Life is busy, and the small details make all the difference. If you're someone who values efficiency without sacrificing style, the Bright Blue Landscape Card Holder is for you. It's designed to fit standard 86mm x 54mm ID cards, and it's made from biodegradable plastic—making it both functional and eco-friendly.

Why opt for a card holder? Here are some situations to consider:

  • If you're a healthcare professional, a card holder allows for quick ID checks without the hygiene risk of constant handling.
  • For those who frequently use public transport, keep your travel cards easily accessible and in one spot.
  • At a conference or business event? Store those crucial business cards or guest passes right at your fingertips.

Additionally, the moulded ridge pattern adds extra durability, ensuring your card is shielded from the rigours of daily use.

Not keen on blue? We offer an array of other colours, so you can find the one that best fits your style or company branding.

To complete your professional look, why not pair this holder with one of our lanyards? It's a straightforward way to ensure your ID or access card is always within reach.

Ready to bring some calm efficiency to your day-to-day? Order your Bright Blue Landscape Card Holder today.

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