Red Emergency Contacts Card
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Product:  Red Emergency Contacts Card

Red Emergency Contacts Card: The Pocket-Sized Lifeline

In the unpredictability of life, sometimes the unexpected can occur. It's in those moments that reaching out to your loved ones becomes paramount, but what if you find yourself without your mobile phone? That's where our Emergency Contact Card comes into play. It's a small addition to your wallet or purse that carries a big impact.

Our Emergency Contact Cards are a lifeline when you need them most. They hold the essential details of up to four people that you would need to contact in case of an emergency.

The beauty of these cards lies in their simplicity. They are single-sided, with clear, legible print. The key details stand out, ensuring anyone can easily use them to reach your contacts if necessary. This straightforward design eliminates confusion, speeding up the time it takes to get in touch with your loved ones or emergency contacts.

These cards are sized to match the convenience of a standard credit card, measuring 86mm by 54mm, or if you prefer, approximately 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches. This makes them the perfect size to slide into any credit card slot in your wallet or purse. Despite their compact size, they can become an invaluable asset during an emergency situation.

At The Card Project UK, we're committed to protecting the environment. Therefore, our Emergency Contact Cards are produced using biodegradable plastic, supporting our efforts for sustainable production without compromising on durability. You can feel confident about your purchase knowing you're making an environmentally-friendly choice.

With our Emergency Contact Cards, you're not just prepared; you're carrying peace of mind in your pocket. They offer an easy, convenient way to keep crucial contact information at your fingertips, regardless of where you go or what situation you might encounter.

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