Volunteer Lanyard
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Safety and Functionality: The Benefits of Our Volunteer Lanyard with Breakaway Clip

Introduce a touch of eco-friendliness and safety to your volunteering experience with our Green Volunteer Lanyard. Made from 15mm wide recycled polyester fabric, this lanyard is not just good for the planet but is also sturdy enough for regular use.

The word 'Volunteer' is prominently displayed in white lettering all along the length, ensuring immediate recognition. This is crucial whether you're lending a hand at community events, hospitals, or schools. People will instantly know you're there to make a difference.

For added safety, the lanyard features a metal lobster clip with a quick-release mechanism. If the lanyard ever gets snagged or pulled, it will easily detach, avoiding any potential injuries. And don't worry about it falling apart; it's simple to clip it back together.

With a full-stretched length of 45cm, it’s the ideal size for most adults and can easily hold ID cards or keys. So, whether you’re coordinating a group of volunteers or embarking on a volunteer mission yourself, this lanyard is an essential tool that adds value to your efforts.

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