Home Educated Red Photo Student ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Home Educated Red Photo Student ID Card

Proof of Home Education - UK's Dedicated ID Cards for Homeschoolers

No school bells, no uniforms, just pure learning. Being home-educated is a choice, and sometimes, you might want to show that choice. That's where our Home Educated ID Cards step in.

It’s a simple card with a strong message. Fronted by your photo and name, and backed by your educator's details, it's a clear indicator that you're on a different educational journey to those who go to school each day.

With convenience in mind, they’re the same size as a credit card. So, whether it's in your wallet or purse, it's always within reach. Not only that but we take pride in being eco-conscious and as such our cards are made from biodegradable plastics which reflect that commitment.

Your Home Educated ID Card is more than just an ID; it's a declaration of your educational freedom.

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