Kids Building Block Toy Credit Card
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Product:  Kids Building Block Toy Credit Card

Kids' Building Block Toy Credit Card: Constructive Fun!

Introducing our "Building Block Credit Card" - a fun toy for your kids! This pretend credit card is made just right for little hands. It's the same size as a real credit card, exactly 86mm by 54mm or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches.

Your kid will be super excited to have their own credit card! They can pretend to shop or go to the bank just like mum and dad, buying toys in their pretend shop or checking out at their make-believe bank. This little card is great for making playtime feel real. It helps your child's imagination grow while they have fun.

The Building Block Credit Card has a cool LEGO design on the front. This makes every pretend purchase even more fun. Kids will love playing with the card that has a LEGO theme.

Your child's name and a 'valid from' date go on the card but don’t go looking for an expiry date; as the fun and love never ends! And of course, if 'The Bank of Mum and Dad' doesn't fit, you can pick a different bank name from our list of options.

Here at The Card Project UK Ltd, we care about the environment. Our Building Block Credit Cards are totally bio-degradable. So, when your kid doesn't need their play card anymore, it will break down naturally over time. This way, we're not hurting the planet.

All of these features are on a one-sided, shiny card that's easy to hold and fun to play with. Get your Building Block Credit Card today and make playtime even better for your child!

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