Bright Green ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Product:  Bright Green ID Card Holder, Landscape

Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching: Bright Green Landscape Card Holder

When you're in a crowded workplace, at a bustling conference, or navigating a busy campus, it's easy for your ID to go unnoticed or even get misplaced. That's where our Bright Green Landscape Card Holder comes in handy. This holder isn't just a fashion statement; it's a practical tool designed for your daily life.

Crafted from biodegradable plastic, this holder is both eco-friendly and sturdy, giving you peace of mind about its environmental impact. With dimensions of 86mm x 54mm, it fits standard ID cards like a glove.

But why do you even need a card holder? Here are a few scenarios:

  • At networking events, easily whip out your business card stored in the holder.
  • For employees in secure buildings, this holder makes card swiping at entry points more efficient.
  • Teachers and students can pair it with a lanyard for quick ID checks during exams.

What's more, the moulded ridge design adds an extra layer of durability and protection, ensuring your card remains in top condition. If bright green isn't your first choice, we offer this product in a full spectrum of colours.

To enhance your experience, consider pairing this Bright Green Landscape Card Holder with one of our lanyards. The combo ensures your ID is easily accessible and hard to lose.

Ready to make your ID stand out while keeping it secure and accessible? Order your Bright Green Landscape Card Holder today.

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