Mono Cards

Mono Cards: The Ultimate in Simple, Direct, and Eco-Friendly Identification

Here at The Card Project UK, our Mono cards are designed with a no-nonsense approach for people and businesses that value clear, straightforward communication.

Manufactured from environmentally-friendly, biodegradable plastic, these cards are not only good for your business but also for the planet. The minimalist design eliminates any scope for misunderstanding or ambiguity. Whether it's for a security team, event staff, or other roles that require immediate recognition, Mono cards serve the purpose efficiently.

Their durable construction ensures they withstand the rigours of daily use, while their sleek design fits easily into any wallet or cardholder. These cards are the go-to choice for businesses and people that prioritise both functionality and sustainability

reg # 0863 3762 vat # 453 2087 06