Perthes Medical Mono ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Perthes Medical Mono ID Card

Perthes Disease Insight: Medical Cards Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Anyone who's encountered Perthes disease, especially as a parent, understands that it's more than just a medical term. It's a series of doctor visits, explanations to school staff, and helping a child navigate the pain and mobility issues.  

It's a condition that kids mostly encounter, and it revolves around the hip joint. In simpler terms, the blood flow to the top part of the thigh bone gets disrupted. This disruption leads to a loss of bone cells. The consequence? Pain, limping, and an overall disruption in daily activities. As time goes on, the affected bone area recovers and reshapes, but the journey can be long and painful.

Our Perthes Awareness Medical Card is an essential tool for those living with this condition. It's a simple, straightforward card that lets people know about the challenges faced by its holder. Handy as a credit card, it fits right into pockets and wallets. And it's not just any card – it's made of biodegradable plastic. It's a little thing to make life a bit smoother for kids with Perthes.

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