Pink ID Card Holder, Portrait
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Product:  Pink ID Card Holder, Portrait

Stylish Pink Portrait ID Card Holder | The Card Project UK

Looking for a card holder that's a bit different? Our Pink Card Holder is just that. This isn't your standard, dull card holder; it's a bright pink, portrait-oriented holder that adds a bit of flair to your day. Don't let the colour fool you; it's as sturdy as they come. Made from biodegradable plastic, it's tough and good for the planet.

The size? Spot on for credit card-sized IDs at 86mm x 54mm. It holds your card tightly, thanks to the moulded ridge around the frame. This means your ID is not just displayed clearly; it's also well-protected against daily knocks and bumps.

If you're the kind of person who's always on the move, you'll appreciate that this holder works perfectly with our range of lanyards. Just attach it and go about your business without a second thought. Whether you're in a work setting or at an event, the Pink Card Holder has got your back.

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