Reasons Why Some People Opt for DNR

Understanding DNR: Making Informed Choices

Health decisions can be challenging, especially when considering long-term outcomes and quality of life. Among these decisions, the choice about whether to be resuscitated in an emergency stands out. Many people express this choice through a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directive. So, what is DNR, and what prompts people to choose it?

What is a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)?
A DNR is a directive that informs medical teams not to use measures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if someone's breathing or heart stops. People opt for a DNR because they wish to die without medical interference. They might believe that certain treatments, while they can prolong life, might not enhance its quality, especially if recovery chances are slim. The choice for a DNR often comes from discussions with medical professionals, considering one's health, age, and personal values. It's crucial to understand that having a DNR doesn't mean refusing all medical treatment. It just means that in the specific event of heart or respiratory failure, CPR will not be used.

How to Document a DNR Decision in the UK

In the UK, while a formal DNR order is a recognised document within medical settings, it's not the only way to express the wish not to be resuscitated. Patients can communicate their preferences with their GP or another healthcare professional. This conversation will then be noted in the patient's medical records, making it an official decision.

For those who want additional peace of mind when they're outside a hospital setting, where healthcare providers might not have immediate access to their medical records, there's a solution: DNR cards.

The Importance of DNR Cards

Carrying a DNR card, like those offered by The Card Project UK, can be a proactive step for individuals who've made a DNR decision. These cards, which are credit card-sized and made from biodegradable plastic, can quickly inform emergency personnel of a person's wishes, ensuring they are respected even in urgent situations.

The Card Project UK offers a range of DNR cards, including the DNR Photo Medical Awareness Card, which allows for photo identification, ensuring even greater clarity in emergencies. With two emergency contacts on the back, it not only identifies you but helps people contact those who are important to you. We also offer a version of this card without a photo, catering to individuals who might prefer that option as well as a mono version.

For those who prefer a more general approach, there's a non-personalised card option available. This has a striking background image and the simple but direct message "In An Emergency DNR"
Each card serves as a quick reference in situations where time is of the essence.

DNR Decisions

Making a decision about resuscitation is deeply personal and can be influenced by various factors. It's vital for individuals to communicate their choices with their healthcare providers and consider tools, like DNR cards, to ensure their wishes are followed in any setting.

How to buy your card

Ordering couldn't be easier. Go to our website, upload your details like your photo, name, and emergency contacts. The best part? You can preview your card and see exactly how it looks before you decide to buy. For those who prefer non-personalised cards, simply add to your basket and proceed to checkout. We make sure to dispatch all orders within 24 hours.

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