ID Card Ready To Go, Design 8
Price  £6.00
Double sided?  No
Product:  ID Card Ready To Go, Design 8

Easy-to-Use Photo ID Cards from The Card Project UK – Plain, Simple, and Kind to Earth

In need of an easy-to-use Photo ID Card? The Card Project UK is here for you! Our ID Cards are plain and simple, with your picture, name, and date of birth – everything a standard ID Card needs.

These Basic ID cards fit right into your wallet, being the same size as a credit card. And guess what? They're made of biodegradable plastic, so they're friendly to the Earth too.

While you can't use our Basic ID Card like an official ID, it's still a big help. You can use it to show your age or who you are. It's always smart to have a spare ID around. Our cards are practical, kind to the planet, and there when you want them. How about picking up one of our Basic ID Cards?

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