ID Card Ready To Go, Design 5
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Product:  ID Card Ready To Go, Design 5

Uncomplicated Identification with The Card Project UK – Photo ID Cards That Care for the Environment!

Are you after a simple Photo ID Card? Look no further than The Card Project UK! Our ID Cards are easy to understand, with a clear design, your photo, your name, and your date of birth – everything you expect from an ID Card.

Our Basic ID cards, are the same size as a credit card size, 86mm by 54mm (or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches) and are single-sided. An added bonus? They're manufactured using biodegradable plastic, endorsing your commitment to environmental well-being.

A Basic ID Card from The Card Project UK might not be official ID, but it's really handy all the same. It's great for showing how old you are when you need to, or for showing who you are when you're on the move or need to show ID for something. Having an ID like this makes sense too. Our cards are handy, good for the environment, and always there if you need them. Why not make things a bit easier with one of our Basic ID Cards?

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