ID Card Ready To Go, Design 3
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Double sided?  No
Product:  ID Card Ready To Go, Design 3

The Card Project UK's Photo ID Cards – Smart, Sustainable, and Always Ready for Your Needs

Seeking a no-nonsense Photo ID Card? Your search ends at The Card Project UK! With our expertly designed ID Cards, featuring your image, full name, and birth date, we offer everything that defines a complete ID Card.

With the dimensions of a standard credit card, 86mm by 54mm (or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches), our Basic ID cards are designed to be single-sided for simplicity. Additionally, they are produced from biodegradable plastic, aligning your selection with ecological mindfulness.

Although The Card Project UK's Basic ID Card does not qualify as an official identification method, it serves multiple practical purposes. From validating your age for specific purchases to representing yourself on the go or for services requiring ID, this card comes in handy. Keep an additional ID option like this; it's smart planning. Easy to use, gentle on the Earth, and always available, our cards are your on-the-spot solution. Consider making daily life a touch more convenient with The Card Project UK's Basic ID Card?

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