White ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Product:  White ID Card Holder, Landscape

White ID Card/Badge Holder

These white ID Card Holders are just what you need to keep your ID card safe, sound and protected!

Why should you buy this from me?

Well, not only are these Card holders made in a lovely shade of white they are also manufactured using Oxo-biodegradable plastic (every little helps where your carbon footprint is concerned!) They are single sided, landscape and have a clever little moulded ridge design which helps stops the card itself bending or, even worse, cracking

What else do you need to know?

These plastic single-sided ID card/badge holders measure 86mm x 54mm so fit a standard credit card sized card. This listing is for the ID card holder on its own so if you're also looking for the matching lanyard then you can buy them separately here or you can click here to get an ID card holder AND a matching lanyard (plot spoiler, the latter link might well be at a reduced price!) And in case you were wondering, I also have portrait card/badge holders, crocodile clips with or without pins and even luggage loops. Basically however you want your ID cards displayed then I have the solution!

And last but my no means least, I'm selling these card/badge holders in the pack sizes as shown above, however, if you were after a different amount, then just pop amessageover to me telling me how many you need and I will work a price out for you. Oh and if you have any other questions that I haven't answered here then feel free to ask away. I'm always happy to help!

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