Bariatric Patient Special Menu Request Card
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Introducing the Menu Request Card: A Helpful Tool for Smaller Portions

In today's world, where dining out is a frequent activity, many people find themselves in a situation where they need to be mindful of their portion sizes. This is especially true for individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery. Post-surgery, it becomes essential to manage portion sizes to ensure a healthy recovery and effective weight management. Here's where the Menu Request Card from The Card Project UK comes into play.

Understanding the Need for Smaller Portions Post Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, the stomach's capacity is significantly reduced. It means that individuals can only consume small amounts of food at a time. Eating large portions can lead to discomfort, nausea, or even more severe complications. However, when dining out, the standard portion sizes are often much larger than what is suitable for someone post-surgery. This mismatch can lead to awkward and uncomfortable situations.

The Menu Request Card: A Simple and Discreet Solution

The Menu Request Card is a straightforward and discreet way to communicate your dietary needs to restaurant staff. The card, featuring a salad background, indicates that the holder requires a small portion or a meal from the children's menu. This eliminates the need for lengthy explanations or the potential embarrassment of discussing dietary restrictions in front of others.

Why Choose our Menu Request Card?

  1. Discretion and Comfort: The card allows for discreet communication with restaurant staff, ensuring your dietary needs are met without any fuss.

  2. Convenience: It's easy to carry and can be used in any restaurant, making dining out worry-free.

  3. Visual Appeal: The card's design is professional and pleasant, making it more likely to be received positively by restaurant staff.

Menu Request Card: Cost-Effective Pricing for Everyone

The Card Project UK offers the Menu Request Card at various price points, making it affordable for everyone. Whether you need just one card or several for different occasions, the pricing structure is designed to suit your needs:

  • 1 card: £5 each
  • 2 cards: £4.50 each
  • 3 cards: £4.25 each
  • 4 cards: £4.00 each
  • 5 or more cards: £3.50 each

Perfect for Those Undergoing Weight Loss Journey

The Menu Request Card is particularly beneficial for individuals who have had weight loss surgery. It helps in managing portion sizes, which is crucial for a successful weight loss journey and maintaining long-term health.

By using the Menu Request Card, you also help educate restaurant staff about the needs of post-surgery customers. It fosters an environment of understanding and empathy, making dining out more inclusive for everyone.

The Menu Request Card: A Must-Have for Post-Surgery Dining

The Menu Request Card is really more than just a simple card. It's like having a friend in your pocket, especially useful for those who've gone through weight loss surgery. It's all about recognizing that we've all got different needs when it comes to what and how much we eat. This card is your way of saying, 'Hey, I need something a bit different here', without any awkwardness or stress.

Its design is straightforward to use, made from bioldegradable plastic and it won't cost you much. For anyone who's trying to keep an eye on their portion sizes, especially after surgery, this card is a bit of a lifesaver. Fancy making eating out easy and enjoyable? Why not pick up your own Menu Request Card today!

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