Blood Group B Positive (B+) Medical Card

Blood Group B Positive Essentials: Be Prepared, Be Safe, Know Your Type
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Blood Group B+ (B positive): Stay Ready with Our Wallet Medical Card

Make sure first responders can easily see you're Blood Group B+ with one of our Blood Group Wallet Medical Cards.

These cards have the same dimensions as a typical credit card, measuring 86mm by 54mm (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches). That means they'll fit right into your wallet or purse, no problem.

If you're Blood Group B, that means you've got B antigens on your red blood cells. The plus sign in B+ shows you also have the Rh factor protein on your cells.

It's really helpful to know your blood group. If ever there's a situation where you need a blood transfusion, having the right blood type is super important. Plus, your blood type might tell you a bit more about other health factors.

Having a Blood Group Wallet Medical Card is a good idea if you want an easy way to show your blood type, especially in emergencies. It's handy for everyone - whether you're into sports, travel a lot, or work in a job where there's a bit of risk. If your blood type isn't that common, or if you've had a blood transfusion before, this card is a must-have. And if you're related to someone with a particular blood type or health issue, carrying this card can be really smart. Overall, the Blood Group Wallet Medical Card is just a no-brainer. It gets the info to the right people when every second counts.

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