Blood Group Cards

Discover Your Blood Group: Stay Prepared with The Card Project UK's Biodegradable Blood Group Cards.

Knowing your blood group isn't just a piece of trivial knowledge; it's a crucial piece of information that can come in handy during emergencies, medical procedures, or even when donating blood. Here's why you should always be aware of your blood group:

  1. Emergency Situations: In accidents or health emergencies, immediate blood transfusion might be necessary. Carrying a Blood Group Card ensures that medical personnel can quickly identify your blood type, leading to faster and safer treatments.
  2. Donating Blood: If you're looking to donate, knowing your blood group can simplify the process. It allows clinics to quickly match you with recipients in need.
  3. Pregnancy and Health: Certain blood group combinations between a mother and her unborn child can pose health risks. Being aware of your blood group can lead to better medical guidance during pregnancy.

Made from biodegradable plastic, our Blood Group Cards are not only environmentally responsible but are also conveniently the same size as a credit card, making them easy to carry in any wallet or purse.

With The Card Project UK’s Blood Group Cards, not only are you equipping yourself with vital information, but you're also making an environmentally conscious choice. A small card, yet a significant step towards personal safety and environmental care. Don't leave home without it.

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