Clear Plastic Luggage Loop
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Category: ID Card Clips and Loops
Product:  Clear Plastic Luggage Loop

Clear Plastic Luggage Loop: Secure and Simple ID Solutions | The Card Project UK

When it comes to simplicity, our Clear Plastic Luggage Loop has got it down. Loop it through your ID and then onto your luggage, backpack, or briefcase. Ideal for frequent flyers and students alike, this is your go-to for keeping your ID visible and secure.

In situations like airports or universities where you constantly need your ID, this loop proves its worth. It's durable, it's efficient, and it just works. Each luggage loop measures 15cm in length

Not the right fit for you? No worries. We've got cardholders and lanyards that offer different ways to keep your ID secure.

Ready to simplify your life? Get your Clear Plastic Luggage Loop today.

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