CRPS Medical ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  CRPS Medical ID Card

CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Secure Your Medical ID Today

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, commonly known as CRPS, is a neurological condition that results in intense, often unbearable pain. It's more than just pain, though; this disorder can also lead to swelling in the affected area and cause changes in its color, feel, and temperature. For those who live with this challenging condition, there can be moments when it's difficult to communicate or describe their medical status to others.

That's why we've introduced the CRPS awareness cards. These cards serve as an easy reference for you and others about your condition. On the front of the card, you'll find your name, offering a quick identification. Flip the card over, and there's space designated for two emergency contact details, ensuring that in case of any crisis, your close ones can be contacted immediately.

The size of these awareness cards is just like a typical credit card, measuring 86mm by 54mm or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches, which means you can comfortably carry them in your wallet or purse. Our CRPS awareness cards, produced by The Card Project UK, are not just about convenience. They are a vital tool to ensure your safety and overall well-being, especially in times when communication about your condition becomes challenging.

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