Create Your Own Medical Card, Double Sided - (Double sided)
Price  £6.99
Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Create Your Own Medical Card, Double Sided

The Benefits of a Create Your Own Double-Sided Medical ID Card

Our Double-Sided Medical ID Card is the perfect choice when you have multiple medical details to keep track of. With this card, healthcare providers can quickly access a wide range of information, enabling faster and more accurate treatment in urgent cases.

This card is as convenient as it is useful. It's the same size as a regular credit card, so it fits easily in your wallet or purse. And it's made from biodegradable plastic, so you can be responsible while keeping yourself safe.

Looking for something different? We also offer single-sided cards and cards that include a photo for added security and identification.

Ready to add a new layer of safety to your life? Create your own double-sided medical ID card today.

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