Create Your Own Single Sided Medical Card!
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Product:  Create Your Own Single Sided Medical Card!

Customise Your Single-Sided Medical Card for Personalised Health Security

At The Card Project UK, we've designed a hassle-free service that lets you create your own medical ID card. Whether you have a medical condition, allergy, or any other critical information that needs to be readily accessible, you can design a card that suits you.

This card is our single-sided medical card. We also offer double-sided options and even offer a version where you can add a photo for added security and identification.

Why should you carry one? In an emergency, time is of the essence. With our cards, healthcare professionals can instantly understand your medical needs, potentially speeding up your treatment and saving your life. They're also incredibly useful in daily situations. Whether you're dining out or just on the go, a quick flash of your card communicates your medical conditions or allergies, removing any uncertainty.

Each card is the same size as a standard credit card, measuring 86mm by 54mm. This makes it easy to store in your wallet or purse, always within reach when you need it. And with the added bonus of being made from biodegradable plastic, our cards are as kind to the environment as they are to you.

So, don't wait. Design your custom medical ID card today and carry peace of mind in your pocket.

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