Pilot Identification Card, Cosplay, Film and Television Prop - (Double sided)
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Product:  Pilot Identification Card, Cosplay, Film and Television Prop

Pilot's Licence Card: A Unique Gift 

In today's world, finding a unique and thoughtful gift can be a challenge, especially for those who have a keen interest in aviation. The Card Project UK offers a novel solution – the Pilot's Licence Card.  This innovative card is designed for fun and does not resemble an actual pilot's licence but carries the thrill and official look of one. It's an ideal gift for children and adults alike, perfect for cosplay, fancy dress parties, or as a novel present.

A Close Look at the Design: Front of the Card

The card's front is where the magic begins. It's here that a photo of the cardholder is placed, along with their name – a feature that instantly personalises the card. This aspect is particularly appealing as it gives the owner a sense of identity with the card. The inclusion of fake CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) and ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) numbers adds an element of authenticity. 

The design of the front is clean and professional. It's printed on high-quality, biodegradable plastic, ensuring durability while being environmentally conscious. 

Details on the Reverse: Completing the Authentic Feel

Turning the card over reveals a continuation of the attention to detail. Here, a smaller version of the holder's photo is paired with their name again. The presence of a magnetic strip and signature strip, while non-functional, contributes significantly to the overall authentic look. 

The back of the card also features a set of rules. These are, of course, not real regulations but are designed to look like they could be. 

A Versatile and Enjoyable Gift

The versatility of the Pilot's Licence Card is one of its strongest attributes. It's an ideal gift for children who are fascinated by planes and flying. For them, the card can be a significant part of playtime, offering a tangible element to their imaginative flights and adventures. It's also a great tool for encouraging creative play, which is an essential part of childhood development.

For adults, the card has a different appeal. It's perfect for those who have a casual or serious interest in aviation. It can be a humorous accessory for costume parties. 

In both cases, the card is more than just a novelty item; It allows its holder to momentarily step into the shoes of a pilot, experiencing a slice of the aviation world in a fun and harmless way.

A Perfect Blend of Fun and Fantasy

The Pilot's Licence Card from The Card Project UK is a creative and enjoyable product. It's an imaginative take on what is typically a serious and official document, turned into a source of fun and play. For anyone with a love for planes, flying, or just playful accessories, this card is a fantastic choice. 

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