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Cosplay ID Cards: Bringing Characters to Life with The Card Project UK

Welcome to our fun and creative side at The Card Project UK, where we introduce you to our special collection of prop ID cards designed for cosplay, film, TV, and theatre enthusiasts. These cards are also ideal for adding a personalised flair to fancy dress parties or serving as unforgettable gifts. We want to make it clear right from the start that these cards are made for fun or to complement costumes; they're not meant for any official use and should not be used as such.

Our range of prop ID cards spans various professions and roles, from NHS nurses and international students to characters in MI6 or the FBI. Each card is carefully designed to look authentic and provides an excellent addition to any costume or cosplay outfit. These cards are photo ID cards, meaning you can add your photo, making the card truly yours.

Personalisation: Bring Your Character to Life

One of the standout features of our prop ID cards is the ability to personalise them. Whether you're attending a comic-con, starring in a local theatre production, or just having a bit of fun with friends, our cards let you become the character. Add your name, role, and photo, and watch your character come to life.

Quality and Sustainability

Made from biodegradable plastic, each card measures 86mm by 54mm, mirroring the standard credit card size for a perfect fit in any wallet or ID holder. Our commitment to sustainability means you can enjoy your prop ID card knowing it's kind to the environment.

For Film, TV, and Theatre Professionals

Professionals in the film, TV, and theatre industries find our prop ID cards an invaluable addition to their productions. Whether for background actors needing to fill a scene with realism or main characters requiring detailed props, our ID cards add a layer of authenticity to any storyline. 

A Range of Roles

Our collection includes a wide variety of roles and professions, such as:

  • NHS Nurse
  • International Student
  • International Press
  • Police Warrant Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Prison Officer
  • Pilot
  • MI6 Agent
  • FBI Agent
  • Paramedic

Each card is designed with attention to detail, ensuring a realistic and professional appearance that enhances any costume or prop requirement.  Just remember that they are for entertainment only!

Not Official – Purely for Fun or Prop Use

While our ID cards are designed with a high level of detail and care, it's important to understand they are not official ID cards. They cannot and should not be used for official identification purposes. Our aim is to provide a fun, immersive experience for cosplay enthusiasts, actors, and anyone looking to add a touch of realism to their costumes.

Ideal for Gifts and Fancy Dress

Our prop ID cards are more than just props; they're a hit for anyone looking for a unique and thoughtful gift. Imagine the delight of a child receiving their very own personalised ID card, making them feel like a real-life pilot, police officer, or even a medical hero like an NHS nurse. It's a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play and help kids dream about the future in a fun and engaging way.

For adults, these ID cards add a unique twist to any fancy dress event or as a special keepsake that celebrates their interests or aspirations. Whether it's embodying the role of an international journalist at a party or giving a friend a memorable gift that showcases their dream of flying high as a pilot, our ID cards bring a personal touch to any occasion.

Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or just because, these personalised ID cards are a wonderful way to celebrate the professions we admire and the roles that inspire us, from the everyday heroes in healthcare to the guardians of public safety. Each card is a tribute to the professions that keep our world moving, making them a perfect gift for both the young and the young at heart.

Order Your Prop ID Card Today

So take a look at our range of cosplay, film, TV, and theatre prop ID cards. Discover the perfect card to complete your costume, enhance your professional production, or give a gift that stands out. Personalisation is simple and straightforward, ensuring you receive a card that is uniquely yours.

For film, TV, or theatre professionals looking for large orders, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Email us at or call us on 01900 876603 for a personalised quote. Our team is ready to help you bring your creative visions to life with our high-quality, sustainable prop ID cards.

Whether for fun, a gift, or professional use, our prop ID cards offer something special for everyone. Visit our range today and step into your character like never before.

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