Dark Blue ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Product:  Dark Blue ID Card Holder, Landscape

Dark Blue Landscape Card Holder: Sustainability Meets Style

In a world full of choices, sometimes it's the classics that stand out. Our Dark Blue Landscape Card Holder offers just that—classic elegance without sacrificing functionality. It accommodates standard-sized 86mm x 54mm ID cards and is made from biodegradable plastic, making it a responsible choice.

So, why would you need a card holder? Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • For corporate executives, make a lasting impression in high-stakes meetings or networking events.
  • Students, keep your library or meal cards organised and within easy reach.
  • At charity events or galas? Your VIP or access pass is easily accessible and displayed in a stylish manner.

Our moulded ridge design enhances the holder's durability, offering your card additional protection against daily wear.

If dark blue isn't to your taste, rest assured we have lots of other colours you can have instead! And why notconsider pairing the holder with one of our lanyards. It ensures your essential cards are just a quick grab away.

Interested in making a classic yet conscious choice? Order your Dark Blue Landscape Card Holder today.

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