Dark Green ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Category: Landscape Card Holder
Product:  Dark Green ID Card Holder, Landscape

The Dark Green Landscape Card Holder is a great pick if you want something that's easy on the eyes but still does the job. It fits the standard 86mm x 54mm cards and is made from biodegradable plastic.

What's the point of a card holder?

  • Easy access to your cards when you need them.
  • Keeps your cards secure.
  • Helps keep your cards in good condition.

The moulded ridge design makes it a sturdy choice. It's not just about looks; this card holder is built to last.

If dark green isn't your thing, we have a range of other colours to pick from. And why not add one of our lanyards to your order? It's the easiest way to keep your cards within reach.

Looking for something that does the job without any fuss? Order your Dark Green Landscape Card Holder now.

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