Dementia Mono Medical ID Card

The Card Project: Your Dementia ID Card Provider
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1.  Card Holders Name

2.  Contact 1 Name and Number

3.  Contact 2 Name and Number

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Get Your Dementia Awareness Card from The Card Project UK

Dealing with dementia, a condition that affects mental cognitive tasks such as memory and reasoning, can significantly alter daily life. Everyday activities become complex, and familiar environments may become confusing. In such circumstances, our Dementia Awareness Card can offer a semblance of relief.

The card informs others that the holder is living with dementia and might require assistance, particularly if they appear lost or confused. By alerting bystanders to the holder's condition, the card encourages understanding and help, lessening the burden of navigating the challenges that dementia can pose.

Our Dementia Awareness Card is as practical as it is useful, having the same dimensions as a standard credit card for ease of carrying in any purse or wallet. In line with our dedication to sustainability, these cards are made from biodegradable plastic. They are personalised with the holder's name on the front and two emergency contacts on the back, ensuring a supportive network is just a phone call away.

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