Ostomy Bag Travel Card
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Ostomy Bag Travel Card for Uninterrupted Journeys

To make life easier, especially when travelling, carrying a travel card when you have an Ostomy Bag is recommended. It can be shown to security staff at places like airports, train stations, or even at events with security checks. The card helps you avoid having to talk about your medical condition in public. Instead of explaining about the bag, you can simply show the card. This can help make things smoother and less awkward.

The travel card is conveniently designed to be the same size as a credit card. Specifically, it's single-sided and measures 86mm by 54mm, which is about 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches. It can easily fit in wallets, purses, or card holders. So, you can keep it with you all the time without it taking up too much space.

In addition, the travel card is made from biodegradable plastic. This type of plastic is good for the environment because it breaks down naturally over time. Once you no longer need the card and throw it away, it won't stay around forever like regular plastic. Instead, it'll gradually break down and disappear, reducing pollution and waste.

What is an Ostomy Bag?

An ostomy bag, often known as a stoma bag, is a compact, waterproof pouch. Its purpose is to gather bodily waste. People who've undergone certain types of surgeries, like colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies, typically need to use these bags. These surgeries create an artificial opening, called a 'stoma', in the body. The bag then attaches to this opening, allowing waste to leave the body in a different way than it usually does.

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