Miscellaneous Cards

Miscellaneous Cards by The Card Project UK

Every now and then, we create cards that don't fit neatly into the usual categories. Well that's where our Miscellaneous Cards come into play!

They might not belong anywhere specific, but that’s what makes them special. Whether it’s a card with a unique message, a niche function, or just something you never knew you needed, our miscellaneous section is where they will be! Some cards in this section are also in other categories. The reason for this is simple. They "kind of" fit into another cateogry but you might not go looking for them there. Hence why they are here too, as it gives you more chance to find what you are looking for!

Consistent with The Card Project UK Ltd's commitment to our environment, every card is made from biodegradable plastic. Not just that, their credit card size ensures they're perfectly pocketable, making them convenient to carry around

So, go ahead and explore; you never know what handy card you might stumble upon!

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NHS Number Card

NHS Personalised Number Card: Quick Identification with Eco-Friendly Design

Driving Lesson Voucher

UK's Driving Lesson Gift Card: Celebrate Milestones with a Personalised Touch

Disability Identification Card

Carry Confidence: The Handy Card for Clear Disability Identification

Blood Donor Card

Blood Donor Card with Name, Blood Group and NHS Number

Wifi Password Card

Wi-Fi Password Card: The Ultimate Solution for Seamless Internet Access

Bariatric Patient Special Menu Request Card

Eat out with Confidence | Special Menu Card by The Card Project UK

Just Can't Wait, Emergency Toilet Access Card, Design 1

Urgent Toilet Needs? The 'Just Can't Wait' Card is Your Answer"

Just Can't Wait, Emergency Toilet Access Card, Design 2

Bathroom Access Made Easy with the 'Just Can't Wait' Card

Just Can't Wait, Emergency Toilet Access Card, Design 3

Just Can't Wait': The Must-Have Card for Immediate Bathroom Needs

Colostomy Bag Travel Card

Colostomy Bag Travel Card: Journey with Confidence and Convenience

Ostomy Bag Travel Card

Ostomy Bag Travel Card: Travel with Confidence and Ease.

Stoma Bag Travel Card

Stoma Bag Travel Card: Essential Companion for Confident Travelers

Please Don't Talk About My Child's Weight

My Child's Weight. My Business. – Your Key to Managing Sensitive Conversations

Please Don't Weigh Me At School!

Set Clear School Boundaries with the "Please Don't Weigh Me at School" Card

Metal Implant Design 1

Navigate Freely with The Metal Implant Alert Card | The Card Project UK

Metal Implant Design 2

Navigate Security Checks Easily with The Metal Implant Alert Card

Please Don't Weigh Me!

Take Charge of Your Medical Experience with the "Please Don't Weigh Me" Card

Medicine Alert Card

Medicine Alert Card: Your Personalised Prescription Medication Card

Email Address Mono Card

Convenient Email Sharing Made Simple: Get Your Email Address Mono Card Today | The Card Project UK

Organ Donor Photo ID Card

Organ Donor Photo ID Cards | The Card Project UK