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Let Your Kid's Racing Dreams Take Off with Our Eco-friendly 'Future Formula 1 Champion' ID Cards

Every child's dream deserves a spark, and at The Card Project UK, we're all about kindling those sparks. Take our Future Formula 1 Champion ID Card for kids - it's not just a piece of plastic. It's a little passport to the thrilling world of Formula 1 that fits right in their pocket.

Single Sided and the same size as a credit card, this personalised ID card features a chequered flag background – an iconic emblem of the thrilling world of Formula 1. The card comes to life with a racing car illustration, zooming across the backdrop as if it's just taken the chequered flag at Silverstone or Monaco.

But what's a racing card without the driver? Your kid takes centre stage here. Their name, date of birth, and photo are right there on the card. It’s like their very own racing licence, giving them a bit of the thrill and glamour of the high-speed racing world, all in a fun, child-friendly format.

Now, we're not just about fun, we're also about looking after our planet. That's why these cards are made from biodegradable plastic. They’re designed to keep dreams alive, not contribute to the planet's plastic problem.

These cards are tough and built to last, perfect for showing off at school, taking along to a mate's party, or just for daydreaming at home.

With their very own Future Formula 1 Champion ID Card, your kid will feel part of the F1 world, ready to follow in the tyre tracks of Lewis Hamilton or George Russell. It's a little bit of everyday magic from us here at The Card Project UK.

Every F1 champion had to start their journey somewhere. Let your kid start theirs with our Future Formula 1 Champion ID Card.

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