Assistance Dog Mono ID Card
Price  £4.99
Double sided?  No
Product:  Assistance Dog Mono ID Card

Personalised Assistance Dog ID Cards – Your Key to Stress-Free Travel and More!

At The Card Project UK Ltd, we create Assistance Dog ID Cards that speak directly to your needs. Our cards state, "Please don't pet me, I'm working!" to ensure that your dog stays focused on its vital tasks without interruption.

These cards feature both your name and your dog's name, making sure there's no confusion when you're out and about. And it's not just about convenience; our cards align with The Equality Act 2010, affirming your assistance dog's legal right to be by your side in public spaces. Whether you're shopping, dining, or traveling, the UK law recognizes the importance of assistance dogs and protects your rights to access public places without hindrance.

Place your order today, and rest easy knowing your Assistance Dog ID Card will support a smooth daily routine for you and your faithful companion.

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