Assistance Dog Cards

The Card Project UK's Range of Assistance, Emotional Support, and Therapy Animal ID Cards

An Assistance Dog is a dog specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities in performing essential tasks, including but not limited to service dogs, medical dogs, and guide dogs. These canines offer vital support, enabling disabled individuals to live a more independent life. At The Card Project UK, we offer a diverse range of ID cards to cater to each type of Assistance Dog, from Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs to Seizure Alert Dogs and Diabetic Alert Dogs, as well as Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals.

Our Range of Assistance Dog ID Cards

Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs offer an invaluable service to the deaf and hard of hearing, alerting them to important sounds like alarms, doorbells, or emergency situations. Our Hearing Dog ID Cards confirm the legitimacy of these dogs, making public access more straightforward.

Guide Dogs

For those with visual impairments, Guide Dogs act as their eyes, helping them navigate daily life safely. Our Guide Dog ID Cards clarify the responsibilities and rights of these dogs and their owners in public and private spaces.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs aid individuals with physical limitations, helping with tasks like opening doors and picking up objects. Our Mobility Assistance Dog ID Cards clearly indicate these roles, easing access to various services.

Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure Alert Dogs are trained to detect and act during epileptic seizures. With our specialised ID Cards, these dogs are easily identified, reducing misunderstandings during critical moments.

Autism Assistance Dogs

Autism Assistance Dogs provide comfort and safety to individuals with autism, often helping to calm them during stressful situations. Our Autism Assistance Dog ID Cards help to ensure that these vital companions are recognised and allowed access where needed.

Diabetic Alert Dogs

These dogs are trained to detect low blood sugar levels in diabetes patients and alert them or their caregivers. Our Diabetic Alert Dog ID Cards serve as a quick identification tool, making it easier for these dogs to accompany their owners.

Emotional Support and Therapy Animals

While Assistance Dogs are specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities, Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals do not share the same legal protections. Emotional Support Animals, often referred to as mental health dogs or care dogs, provide mental health benefits and may help with conditions like anxiety. However, they are not covered under the Equality Act 2010. Likewise, Therapy Animals offer comfort and may help with emotional challenges but also lack the legal protections offered to Assistance Dogs. It is hoped that these rules will change in time to extend more rights to Emotional Support and Therapy Animals.

While not covered under the Equality Act 2010, Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals offer invaluable emotional and mental health support. As such The Card Project UK provides specialised ID cards for these animals, helping owners navigate public spaces more easily.

The Equality Act 2010 and Assistance Dogs

The Equality Act 2010 is the key legislation in the UK safeguarding individuals from discrimination, including on the grounds of disability. Under this law, Assistance Dog owners are granted equal access and treatment in public places such as shops, restaurants, hotels, and transport services. It's illegal for service providers to discriminate against individuals with disabilities, including those accompanied by service dogs, medical dogs, or guide dogs. Our ID cards are a quick way for Assistance Dog owners to assert their rights and educate others, ensuring a smooth experience in public spaces.

Despite the established Equality Act 2010, a significant gap exists in public understanding concerning the rights of Assistance Dog owners. Many businesses and service providers are either uninformed or mistaken about their legal obligations. This gap can result in an upsetting and illegal denial of services. Our Assistance Dog ID Cards serve to clarify these obligations, promoting smoother interactions between business owners and those who rely on Assistance Dogs.

Why Choose The Card Project UK for your Assistance Dog Cards?

When you choose us for your Assistance Dog or Emotional Support and Therapy Animal ID Cards, you're opting for quality, ease, and responsibility. All our cards are made from biodegradable plastic and are designed to simplify your life. These cards effectively communicate your rights and the legal obligations of businesses, reducing confrontations and misunderstandings.

Ready to simplify access for you and your Assistance Dog or Emotional Support and Therapy Animal? Browse our comprehensive range of ID cards today to find the one that best suits your needs.

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