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Hearing Dog ID Cards: Why They Matter

Hearing Dogs are extraordinary animals trained to fill a role that most of us take for granted. Their job is to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to sounds they may not be able to detect. This can include alarms, doorbells, or even an approaching car. Let's delve into why these dogs are so important, who benefits from them, and why carrying a specifically designed Hearing Dog ID Card is vital.

The In-Depth Role of Hearing Dogs

A Hearing Dog undergoes intensive, specialised training to focus on its role. Training starts when the dog is a puppy and can last up to two years. This extensive training covers socialisation, soundwork, and obedience. For socialisation, dogs are exposed to different environments like public transport, workplaces, and crowded streets. Soundwork training teaches them to make physical contact with their handler and lead them toward the source of the sound. Additionally, basic obedience is emphasised, ensuring that the dog can respond to essential commands.

Who Relies on Hearing Dogs?

Individuals with significant hearing loss are the primary beneficiaries of Hearing Dogs. The dogs enhance safety, providing an alert for sounds such as fire alarms that could be life-saving. They also contribute to a better quality of life, offering emotional support and boosting their handler's confidence in public settings.

The Importance of the 2010 Equality Act

Referenced on the back of our Hearing Dog ID Cards, the 2010 Equality Act is a UK law that protects people from discrimination. For people with Hearing Dogs, this law ensures equal access to public spaces, services, and housing. Without this legislation, individuals relying on Hearing Dogs could face unfair barriers when going about their daily lives.

Why a Hearing Dog ID Card is Essential

Although the Equality Act provides a legal framework, there can still be misunderstandings or questions about a Hearing Dog's role and necessity. An ID card serves as immediate, visual proof of a Hearing Dog's legitimacy.

The front of our Hearing Dog ID Card features a clear photograph of the dog, its name, and the name of the handler. This quickly informs anyone who sees it that this is not an ordinary pet, but a highly trained service animal.

The back of the card contains another photograph of the dog, the names, a signature strip for added authentication, and a reference to the 2010 Equality Act. Contrary to some beliefs, the mag strip doesn’t hold additional information but is there as a standard design feature.

Our Hearing Dog ID Cards are made from biodegradable plastic, so they're not just useful but also better for the environment. We aim to make cards that are both reliable and serve an important need for those with Hearing Dogs.

Ordering is easy, just click on "buy it now" then upload a picture of your dog along with their name and your name.  You get to see exactly what your card will look like before you order!

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