Home Educated Orange Photo Student ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Home Educated Orange Photo Student ID Card

Proof of Homeschooling? Choose The Card Project UK's ID Solution

When you're home-educated, there's no school bell or uniform. But sometimes, you might want to show that you're learning differently. Our Home Educated ID Cards make this easy.

More than an ID, these cards are a stamp of your freedom from regular school routines. Your face, your name on the front, and your educator's info on the back. Simple and direct, this card says you're educated at home and proud of it.

Conveniently sized like a standard credit card, it's a breeze to carry and present when needed.

Besides convenience, we're all for being kind to our planet. These cards break down over time, thanks to their eco-friendly material.

Hold onto your Home Educated ID Card. It's the mark of a student who learns outside the four walls of a school.

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