Home Educated Yellow Photo Student ID Card - (Double sided)
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Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Home Educated Yellow Photo Student ID Card

Your Pocket-Sized Declaration of Home Education in the UK

Traditional school isn't everyone's journey. If you're among those who learn at home and sometimes need to showcase it, look no further than our Home Educated ID Cards.

This card is straightforward: it's about your decision to be home-educated. It carries your name, your picture, and on the back, the name and number of your parent/guardian. No fuss, just a direct way to show you’re not bound by school gates or uniforms.

Its size? Perfect for any wallet or purse, making it handy for those impromptu moments.

And of course, At The Card Project we care about the planet so we've made sure they're from biodegradable plastic.

Keep your Home Educated ID Card close. It’s a proud reminder of your educational choice.

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