I Have Alzheimer's
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Product:  I Have Alzheimer's

I Have Alzheimer's Card: A Must-Have for Accurate Understanding

Our "I Have Alzheimer's" single-sided card serves a vital purpose: it immediately informs others that you have Alzheimer's disease. This condition can affect memory, thinking, and behaviour, making it crucial for others to know in various settings.

The card is the standard size of 86mm by 54mm, so it's easy to carry in any wallet or purse. The text is bold and easy to read, displaying the statement: "I Have Alzheimer's."

Keeping this card with you can be a game-changer. It quickly communicates your condition to healthcare professionals, emergency services, and even people you meet day-to-day. The card makes it simpler to get the care and understanding you may need without having to explain your condition each time.

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