Diabetes Insulin Dependent Medical ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Diabetes Insulin Dependent Medical ID Card

Insulin Users: Essential ID Cards | The Card Project UK

Diabetes is a common condition, but the specifics of its management are not universally understood. This gap in knowledge can be problematic in the event of a diabetic emergency. Hence, our Insulin Dependent Diabetes Awareness cards serve as a vital tool in such situations. These cards effectively communicate the necessary actions to bystanders or medical professionals if the cardholder demonstrates confusion, erratic behavior, drowsiness, excessive sweating, or even loses consciousness.

The cards not only guide others in managing a diabetic episode but also clearly state that the person is reliant on insulin – a critical detail for healthcare providers in any setting, including a hospital. Compact in size, these cards easily fit into standard wallets or purses. They're crafted from biodegradable plastic, furthering our commitment to environmental sustainability. Personalisation comes in the form of the cardholder's name prominently displayed on the front, along with two emergency contacts on the back, ensuring swift assistance when necessary.

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