Lupus Medical Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Lupus Medical Card

The Card Project UK's Detailed Lupus Medical Card

Living with Lupus can often feel like navigating uncharted waters, with unpredictable symptoms and the frequent need for quick communication about one's condition. The Card Project UK recognises this challenge and presents the Lupus Medical Card as a solution.

This card serves as a comprehensive overview of both the holder and their condition. At a glance, it offers essential information, helping those unfamiliar with Lupus understand its intricacies. The front of the card is dedicated to the holder's details and a brief description of Lupus – ensuring that the user's condition is instantly recognized. Flip to the back, and you'll find space allocated for two emergency contacts, providing a safety net for any unexpected situations.

Manufactured using environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic, the card is robust enough for daily use without contributing to environmental harm. Its credit-card size ensures it fits seamlessly into wallets or pockets, making it easy to carry around.

For those with Lupus, this card isn't just a piece of plastic. It's a daily companion, an advocate, and a safety net, all rolled into one. 

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