DNR Mono Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  DNR Mono Medical ID Alert Card

Do Not Resuscitate? We've Got Your ID Card Needs Covered

If you've decided with your doctor that you don't want resuscitation measures taken during severe health crises, it's essential that this choice is communicated to your family and friends. They need to be clear that if your health seriously deteriorates, you've chosen not to have revival procedures.

Moreover, it's important that you carry a DNR alert card with you at all times. This card communicates to medical emergency teams or first responders your decision against being revived.

DNR alert cards are designed for easy transport; they're the exact same size as a typical credit card. This compact size makes them simple to store in a wallet or purse, so it's always with you.

Each DNR card is individually customised to include vital details about the cardholder. Your name is displayed clearly on the card's front, verifying that you're the person who's decided on a DNR status. The back of the card contains space for the contact information of two individuals to be reached in an emergency, be it family members, close friends, or anyone else you would wish to be informed

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