Stroke Awareness Photo Medical Alert ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Stroke Awareness Photo Medical Alert ID Card

Understanding Aphasia: Biodegradable Stroke Awareness Medical Photo ID Cards

A stroke is more than a medical emergency; it's an event that can change a person's life in mere moments. When blood flow to a part of the brain is obstructed, it leads to the death of brain cells and can result in various disabilities. Among these, the loss of verbal communication is one that affects many stroke survivors. This condition, known as aphasia, leaves individuals able to comprehend speech but often unable to articulate words or sentences.

The journey to recovery from aphasia is a challenging one. The inability to communicate can lead to feelings of isolation and despair. Even with therapy, which is highly effective in many cases, the road back to normalcy can be slow and filled with obstacles.

Understanding this struggle, we have designed our Stroke Awareness Medical Awareness Photo ID cards to be a helpful tool for those living with the effects of a stroke. Made from biodegradable plastic, these credit card-sized pieces can easily fit into a purse or wallet. Personalised with the holder's photo, name and vital emergency contacts, these cards serve as a lifeline, providing essential information in situations where verbal communication might be hindered.

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