Staff ID Card, Design 7
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Product:  Staff ID Card, Design 7
Buy 6 or more at £4.99 each
Buy 10 or more at £3.99 each
Buy 51 or more at £3.75 each
Buy 100 or more at £3.50 each

Employee ID Cards: A Must-Have for Growing Businesses

For growing businesses, including sole traders, the importance of a professional image cannot be overstated. Employee ID Cards are more than just a basic requirement; they symbolise a business's dedication to professionalism and structured management. At The Card Project UK, we recognise the challenges faced by smaller enterprises. Our Employee ID Cards are designed to be both practical and professional, perfectly suiting you and your team's needs.

Personalised Company ID Badges: Blend of Professionalism and Individuality

Our Employee ID Cards strike the perfect balance between professional appearance and personalisation. They can feature your business's name, individual staff names, photographs, and contact information. This aids in establishing a consistent appearance for your team and helps make each member recognisable to your clients. These cards are an excellent tool for making your staff feel appreciated and connected to your business.

Photo ID Cards for Staff: Enhancing Brand Recognition

Adding photographs to ID cards brings a personal touch that significantly impacts customer relations. It creates trust and introduces a relatable human element to your business.

Customisable Staff ID Cards: Design Your Way

Our straightforward customisation process empowers you to shape the design of your Employee ID Cards. Whether you favour a traditional or a modern look, our platform lets you preview your cards before you place your order, ensuring the final product matches your vision.

Competitive Pricing for Professional ID Cards: Affordable for Every Business

We aim to make professional Employee ID Cards accessible for businesses of all sizes. Our tiered pricing ensures excellent value, whether you're ordering a few cards or a larger quantity. This approach guarantees that businesses of every scale can equip their staff with our top-quality ID cards.

Pricing Structure:

  • 1-5 cards: £6 per card
  • 6-10 cards: £4.99 per card
  • 10-50 cards: £3.99 per card
  • 51-99 cards: £3.75 per card
  • 100+ cards: £3.50 per card

Customised Branding for Business ID Cards

For businesses that have already established their brand, our custom card service is the perfect fit. We work in partnership with you to ensure your brand's logos and colors are accurately incorporated into your ID card design. This careful attention to detail ensures a consistent look across all your branding materials. It's about creating ID cards that are not just functional, but also a true representation of your company's identity.

For more details on how we can tailor our service to match your branding needs, take a look at our Custom Card Category. You can also reach out directly for a more personal discussion about your requirements via email at, or give us a call at 01900 876603. We're here to help you create ID cards that align perfectly with your business's branding.

Selecting The Card Project UK for Your Employee ID Cards

Choosing The Card Project UK means partnering with a company that understands the significance of professional presentation. Our cards are specifically designed for small businesses and sole traders, providing an effortless and cost-effective Staff ID Card solution. With our customisation options, affordable pricing, and diverse designs, we are committed to delivering the best Employee ID Cards for you and your team. Let us assist you in creating the ideal ID cards for your business.

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