Zoo Keeper Card
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Personalised Kids Zoo Keeper Card: A Dream Come True for Little Animal Lovers

Every child with a passion for animals has, at some point, dreamt of being a zoo keeper. Now, with our personalised Zoo Keeper Card, that dream is a touch closer. Whether it's the allure of caring for majestic lions, nurturing pandas, or observing giraffes in their natural habits, being a zoo keeper means forging deep connections with the animal kingdom and ensuring their well-being.

The background of this card is a mix of wild animals. Elephants, Tigers, Meerkats, and so many more species make up this design. It's fun and also a little quiz – can the child identify all the animals on the card?

Every card is uniquely theirs – personalised with their photo, name, and age. This makes it a special keepsake, a gentle reminder of their dreams and passions. Sized perfectly to match a standard credit card, it's a pocket-sized zoo adventure they can take anywhere. And as we care for the environment as much as they care about animals, these cards are crafted from biodegradable plastic, leaving no footprint behind.

For any child who cherishes animals and aspires to be a Zoo Keeper, this card is more than just a gift; it's a step into their dream world.

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