Darkest Blue Lanyard
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Category: Lanyards
Product:  Darkest Blue Lanyard

Darkest Blue lanyard with a metal lobster clip made from recycled fabric

Made from environmentally-friendly recycled 10mm polyester fabric, this grey lanyard is equipped with a metal lobster clip for easy attachment. The safety breakaway function allows it to release when pulled or trapped, but it can be easily reattached. Fully extended, the lanyard is around 44cm (17 inches) long

Who needs to use a lanyard?

So, who could use a lanyard? Simply put, everyone can find a use! It's essential for those who need to frequently show an ID card or security or visitor pass. Plus, it can secure various other items like mobile phones, whistles, USB drives. Worn around your neck, it keeps everything you need conveniently within reach.

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