Shellfish Allergy Card
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Product:  Shellfish Allergy Card

Make Your Shellfish Allergy Known Clearly with Our Biodegradable Card | The Card Project UK Ltd

Shellfish. For many, it's a treat at a fancy dinner. But for some, it can cause real trouble. Reactions might include itching, stomach pain, or even severe breathing issues. If you're one of those who needs to steer clear of shellfish, then you need a clear way to let others know about this dietary requirement.

That's where the Shellfish Allergy Card by The Card Project UK Ltd comes into play. It's a straightforward tool. It's the size of a regular UK credit card, so it's easy to keep in your wallet or purse. The card design doesn't beat around the bush: it's got an image of selection of shellfish with the clear words, "I'm allergic to Shellfish."

What's even better is that this card is made from biodegradable plastic. So while you're watching out for your health, you're also thinking of the planet. Over time, this card will break down, leaving no trace behind.

Why is it useful? With this card in hand, there's no need for long explanations at restaurants or gatherings. Just show the card. It's a no-nonsense way to let folks know about your allergy. It's not just about convenience; it's peace of mind each time you eat out.

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