Halloween Silent Trick or Treat Card
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Product:  Halloween Silent Trick or Treat Card

Silent Halloween Trick or Treat Card: Spooky Fun!

Introducing the Halloween Trick or Treat Card – the ideal solution for shy children who want to join in the Halloween festivities without saying a word! We understand that not all kids feel comfortable uttering those famous words, "Trick or Treat," but they still deserve to have a spooktacular time. With our funny skeleton background card, they can let the card do the talking for them!

These single sided cards measure 86mm by 54mm, which is the same size as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches). They are made from bio-degradable materials, ensuring a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.

Make this Halloween a memorable one for your shy child with our Trick or Treat Card. Let them embrace the spooky spirit without the pressure of speaking those intimidating words. Order now and unlock a world of Halloween joy for your little one!

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