Spondylitis Medical Photo ID Card - (Double sided)
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Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Spondylitis Medical Photo ID Card

Spondylitis Medical Photo ID: Your Key to Better Management

Living with spondylitis often means dealing with pain, stiffness, and other challenges that can disrupt your daily life. To help you navigate these obstacles, we present our Spondylitis Medical Photo ID Card—a personalised tool designed to make sharing critical medical information simple and straightforward.

This card features your name and photo on the front, allowing for quick identification in any situation. On the back, there's space for two emergency contacts to ensure you're never far from help when you need it.

Made from biodegradable plastic and the same size as a standard credit card, our photo ID cards are easy to carry wherever you go. They are an important addition to any medical toolkit for those living with spondylitis.

Choose The Card Project's Spondylitis Medical Photo ID Card to help you manage your condition more effectively and improve communication with medical professionals and loved ones alike.

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