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What the Equality Act 2010 Means for Your Therapy Dog

Introducing our double sided Therapy Dog Identification Cards, designed for those who rely on the support and companionship of a therapy dog. These ID cards serve as an essential item to help identify your therapy dog and explain its role in your well-being.

So, who typically has a therapy dog? Therapy dogs are generally used by individuals who may be dealing with emotional or psychological conditions. They are not trained to perform specific tasks for a disability, but rather offer emotional support. They often accompany their owners to stressful environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes or even schools.

It's crucial to distinguish between a therapy dog and an assistance dog. While both dogs provide valuable services, they are not the same in the eyes of the law or in terms of their functions. Assistance dogs are trained to carry out particular tasks for people who have disabilities, like guiding the visually impaired or alerting the hearing-impaired. Because of this, they have different rights under the Equality Act 2010. According to this legislation, assistance dogs are entitled to enter most public places. Therapy dogs, on the other hand, do not have the same legal access rights. While many establishments recognise the vital role therapy dogs play and allow them entry, they are not legally required to do so.

That brings us to why having a Therapy Dog ID Card from The Card Project is so beneficial. Our card clearly states the role of your therapy dog and cites the Equality Act 2010 to inform others of its status. While it doesn't grant legal rights, it does make it easier to explain why your therapy dog is important to you. This can encourage greater understanding and acceptance from others, and may even result in more establishments allowing you and your therapy dog entry.

Ordering your Therapy Dog ID Card couldn't be simpler. Just click "buy this now" and you'll be prompted to upload your dog's photo, name, and breed, as well as your own name. The card itself is compact, the size of a standard credit card, and made from biodegradable plastic. The front of the card contains key information, such as your dog's photo and name, along with a message clarifying the essential role your dog plays in your life. On the rear, you'll find a mag strip and a sig strip for you to sign. A smaller version of your dog's photo is also present, along with its name and a summary of the rights of therapy dogs under the Equality Act 2010.

Make life easier for you and your therapy dog—get your Therapy Dog ID Card from The Card Project today.

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