Transparent ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Category: Landscape Card Holder
Product:  Transparent ID Card Holder, Landscape

Transparent ID Card Holder: Clearly a Smart Choice

The Transparent Landscape Card Holder is ideal if you're all about simplicity and functionality. It fits cards measuring 86mm x 54mm and is made from biodegradable plastic.

Why use a card holder?

  • Easy access to your cards.
  • Keeps all your cards in one secure place.
  • Helps extend the life of your cards.

Here at The Card Project UK, we focus on practicality. The moulded ridge design of this holder makes it sturdy and protective, without compromising on clarity.

If you're not set on transparent, we offer a wide range of colours to fit your preference. And don't forget to consider adding one of our lanyards to your order. It just makes things easier.

Looking for a no-fuss, straightforward solution? Place your order for the Transparent Landscape Card Holder today.

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